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Lake Home/Lot Consultation

Offer Valid: 01/12/2023 - 01/12/2024
Building projects of any sort on a lake lot is difficult - help is here!

I have been designing homes PT or FT since 1991.  I have designed hundreds of unique new homes, additions, remodels, and will continue to do so if the project is unique enough to warrant the process I walk you through. My typical process is somewhere between a drafting house tweaking a model home plan for you for a couple thousand bucks to full blown architecturally design home where they charge 10-20% of the cost of your home's construction. Simple homes and additions require simple plans.

But building on a lake lot is a different animal - I promise!

I did my first all new lake home on spectacle lake in 2004. Fell in love with lake lots and lake homes and have done a couple dozen since then and have decided they are way more interesting and fun.  And usually the lake-home owners have a unique take on life, and I fully enjoy getting to know my clients, especially those that have figured out how to live life to the full.  

There are endless pitfalls with a lake lot. 
  • Is it a buildable lot (tricker than you know!)
  • Is there a building right on it (lot of record)?
  • Where are the lot lines (I promise you and your neighbors are wrong)?
  • What if the lot lines are contested (I have access to the right experts in our area)?
  • What if I don't have enough area or room to do what I want (I am the variance whisperer, I can never promise we'll get what we need, but I am your best bet at making the most of your lot!  First lake home we got seven (7) variances passed, one in the face of a letter from the DNR advising against it. Since then, almost every lake home/cabin/lot I have worked on has required at least one (1) variance.  I work to NOT need them, but lake lots are a mess, and most were created way prior to the zoning ordinances around the lakes.
  • How the heck do I make more room (up, down, sideways, re-purpose, re-organize, re-use spaces... endless tricks to open up spaces, create privacy, create a caretaker suite, ADU (accessory dwelling units)
  • We are joining two lots (wait, talk to me)
  • We are splitting land into lots (wait, talk to me)
  • We are wondering if this lake lot will work for what we need (I will have advice!)
  • The city, county, township is making this "impossible" for you. (Let me be the go-between, I understand both sides, having spent 10 years on the county planning commission and board of adjustment, and another 2-3 on the PC in Cambridge - I KNOW what the zoning staff need to lean towards supporting the application, which goes a long way to getting approval from the zoning boards (volunteers!)
  • We don't have a solution in mind, but we need a place for grandkids to stay, to allow multiple families to share, to convert to short-term rental, to create an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or a lake cottage/guest  home (way tricky)
  • Then there are all the unique considerations about lake homes:  shared use, sand and wet coming in the house, extra shower, outdoor shower, outdoor amenities (deck, hot-tub, pools, patios, gazebos, etc.), fish cleaning, boat/fish-house (WOAS) which are permitted only 10' from the water in many cases, wanted guests, unwanted guests (lol), work from home, snow-bird security, winterizing (eww)....
I offer a 1-hour free design consultation.  Any time spent beyond the hour meeting, including drive-time, is tracked, and will be added to first invoice if a project comes out of the meeting.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family a little, and hear about your goals, wants, wishes, and dreams for the property you have or want.  




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