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August Power Your Lunch Hour Follow Up


Pain to Power:  How to Move Through Your Pain to Harness Your Power
Presented by Angie Spartz, Phoenix Rising Wellness

Most of us have pain or pain points in our lives and businesses. They could be physical pains, tasks we avoid, overwhelm, challenging relationships, and on and on.

They slow us down and even hold us back, but they are also opportunities for us to learn, grow, and take our lives and businesses to the next level.

We will be learning how to identify what's below the pain as well as how to move through it so we can transform what once held us back into our power, embracing even greater success.

January 2021 - "5 Ways Personal Wellness Leads to Business Success"
February 2021 - "Online Marketing Rapid Workshop"
March 2021 - "Canva Design Workshop"
April 2021 - "Instagram for Business"

May 2021 - "Hiring During Difficult Times: What Can We Do?"
June 2021 - "The Importance of Your Social Media Presence"
July 2021 - "Implementing Micro Training to Drive Results"

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Power Your Lunch Hour is held the 4th Tuesday of every month from 12:00pm-12:30pm.