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Business Facility Review

Offer Valid: 01/12/2023 - 01/12/2024
Is the WHERE you work working for or against you!

I am offering a free 1-hour meeting to discuss your business functions and goals and then tour your operation to discover and identify how your current buildings could be better utilized, re-organized, remodeled, added onto or replaced to best meet your current business goals.

After 30 years of designing buildings for all manner of business operations from industrial, office spaces, retail, medical, financial, religious, commercial as well as work-from-home issues, I have not only fresh eyes looking how business work within a container, but have experienced eyes that have guided others on how to improve their facilities to help meet their business goals.

1) If there are further investigations, reports, prioritization or pricing needed, great.  Let me know if I can help.

​2) If not, great. You will still walk away with some ideas for improvement, and have someone you know, that knows your business a little, who can advise if and when a facility (building or grounds) comes up.

3) If a design projects comes out of this meeting, great. I can help directly, or assemble a team suited to what you need at the moment.

Regardless of your needs, I'm more than happy to help in the manner and extent you want and need. I am an a-la-carte service provider - you can have all or part of me, as you need, so you can stay focused on your business and reaching whatever your goals are. 

Having a building that supports your team, rather than fights it, makes every day better for you, your employees and your clients!

My design philosophy: I help you meet YOUR wants, needs and goals, in the manner you best see fit. I don't bring my own goals, design preconceptions or solutions that are above and beyond your goals, and I especially don't add any unwanted or design features that add extra cost to YOUR project - UNLESS high-design is one of your goals - then it gets really exciting!

I've worked in a few of the high-end architectural offices on high-end projects and know how to bring some of that to your project using, where ever possible, off-the-shelf products and pricing.  Bang for the Buck right where it's needed.

I look forward to getting to know you a little better, and more about the city and county and state that I have lived in and loved my entire life.



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